Opportunity Prioritization

"At the Monday morning sales meeting, each sales rep called out a handful of deals that they were certain to close this week. By Friday afternoon, many of those deals ended in surprise losses. What happened between Monday and Friday that led to those surprises? How can our sales team avoid those disappointments and maximize revenue capture?"



PX Hot Opps

Surprise losses can be devastating to a sales team’s psyche. Overcoming those losses is best accomplished by applying proper focus to those deals that have a confluence of factors that correlate to a high likelihood of success. The PX Hot Opps dashboard presents reps and managers with deals that show the greatest mathematical probability for success.

PX New Business Risk

It is not enough to know which opportunities are at risk for surprise losses. Reps and managers quickly revert to acting on their “gut feelings” about opportunities unless they understand specifically why opportunities have been identified as “at risk” and what they can do to influence the outcomes. Every opportunity needs to be examined in the context of all the individual opportunity’s key attributes – including the individual rep’s strengths and weaknesses. piLYTIX’ risk tools empower managers and reps to have meaningful opportunity reviews and coaching sessions.



Service Team Focus

"We have tried applying renewal resources evenly to maximize annual renewals of season tickets, suites and group sales. We’ve also done targeted campaigns based on predictors of retention risk like unused tickets or customer satisfaction surveys. However, we still have too many surprise losses and then we have to scramble to replace those season ticket holders with new purchasers."




Retention is only maximized when sales teams understand and effectively target the opportunities that are at risk to cancel. piLYTIX Sports ingests all relevant sales and marketing data and returns a clear profile of each renewal opportunity. The profile includes the current probability of renewal for each ticket holder, as well as a clear display of all factors contributing to that probability so that service reps can intelligently target their most vulnerable prospects.

Most Likely Renewals

Sales and service personnel understandably become worried when they see unused tickets or survey feedback that expresses dissatisfaction. However, before reps invest a disproportionate amount of time in these renewal opportunities, they should better understand any mitigating factors. The piLYTIX Sports “Most Likely” dashboard positions teams to maximize their sales by ensuring that retention reps don’t over-invest in highly likely retention prospects.



"Our team has a database with hundreds of thousands of contacts. However, we struggle to understand which contacts are most likely to convert to buyers and likewise struggle to ensure that those contacts are properly covered by the sales team."



PX Dynamic Lead Scoring

People and businesses evolve over time. The way teams think about them as sales prospects should also evolve. Perhaps a contact starts opening your emails or buying single game tickets. Maybe they fit all the criteria of a great buyer, but forcefully told a rep that they have no interest. The PX Dynamic Lead Scoring changes as information about your sales contacts changes.

PX Optimized Lead Scoring (Beta)

When teams better understand the attributes of their buyers and sellers, they can assign leads in such a way will ensure the highest likelihood of success. The PX Optimized Lead Scoring mathematically suggests the optimal pairing of leads and reps to maximize the value of your sales pipeline.



Coaching & Training

“As sales leaders, we want to ensure the success of each member of our sales team. We question whether certain reps are successful because they are genuinely talented, or because we have teed them up for success by assigning them the best leads or opportunities?”

website - talent management.jpeg


PX Talent Assessor

The PX Talent Assessor uses AI to provide management with insights regarding individual salesperson strength and weaknesses. These tools provide a continuously updated assessment of your reps’ talent in the context of the most impactful predictors of deal close for your organization. Understanding your reps’ underlying strengths and weaknesses will position managers for more impactful coaching and training sessions.



"No matter what we do, we just can’t seem to get quality CRM data from our reps - and this makes it impossible to understand how to improve our sales processes!"



PX DATA QUALITY Composite score

The piLYTIX Data Quality Composite Score measures the quality of the data that is being entered into the CRM on an individual rep basis. When corrective actions are required, managers are able to point out areas of deficiency to sales people and avoid burdening those reps who are in compliance with organization standards.


Failure to enter information until immediately before a deal closes, destroys a manager’s ability to predict sales, coach reps, or assist in specific deals. The PX Sandbagging Alter helps managers quantify the degree to which certain individuals are withholding valuable knowledge from the CRM.


Every company laments the quality of its sales data to some degree. Understanding where “bad” data resides is the first step in cleaning a company’s CRM system and a necessary step of maintaining the hygiene of the system. PX Flag Reporting highlights errors and anomalies in your CRM.