What is Explainable Artificial Intelligence (X.A.I)?


Great artificial intelligence (A.I.) tools learn from historical patterns of data and compare those patterns to current data to give insights about most likely outcomes.  A.I. can serve as a foundation for tremendous efficiencies in sales organizations by propelling teams to better results with lower costs.

However, A.I. isn’t built from perfect data sets and consequently shouldn’t be seen as a crystal ball that magically shows the future. The transformative potential of A.I. is lost when sales teams perceive its output to be magical or mysterious; they discount the output and quickly revert to acting on their “gut feelings.”

A.I. is capable of empowering great success when sales teams understand the inputs and what they can do to influence outcomes. X.A.I. eliminates the mystery and the “black box” magic associated with A.I. by providing transparency into the internal logic of the machinery. By ensuring that end users understand exactly how the output is generated, they are positioned to make smart decisions that maximize sales.

piLYTIX customizes our X.A.I. tools for your sales data as it exists to provide your sales and marketing organization with deep, actionable insights at levels as granular as individual leads, opportunities and salespeople.